Why Pedarco?

Pedarco is the new means of transport and an original way for pedestrians and cycles to easily bypass obstacles, such as roads, railways and waterways.

It ‘a shuttle moving first vertically, then horizontally and again vertically, for the transportation of people and goods.

Pedarco is the real solution for weak categories . E ‘ means ” perfect ” for people with mobility impairments , children and the elderly.

Pedarco is “no stops” for everyone. The pedestrian enters a cabin similar to that of a panoramic elevator and within moments is transported across the street . He is not likely to be invested , and under him the vehicles run without stops and slowdowns. For the motorist : no queues, no stops and starts , shorter journey times . For the pedestrian, less fatigue, less waiting , less pollution , less danger and shelter from the elements . For the community : fewer accidents , less pollution and less cost.

Pedarco is an all-steel structure , light and durable at the same time . A real machine , designed and built with the latest technology. Designed in every detail . And under his body , a prodigious mechanical supports , raises, lowers and moves a spacious cabin , comfortable and scenic.

Pedarco is cheap compared to other solutions such as subways, bridges and walkways.

Pedarco is safer. See and be seen outside from outside means more security personnel and greater ability to control . The installation of cameras with remote access , as well as facilitate rescue operations , is an excellent deterrent against vandalism.

Pedarco is easier to insert in contexts with space limitations . Can also be installed where they can not be made bridges or subways . The footprint is minimal and the numerous configuration options in the width of ‘ arch , in the arrangement of access and height , make it flexible.